The Firm

We specialise in providing legal assistance to private operators and public bodies in urban and infrastructural development projects, as well as in public tendering procedures, the many activities which require specialised legal expertise in the field of administrative law, and procedural relations between individuals and public administrations.

What distinguishes us is our decades of extensive experience in public administration, as well as our in-depth knowledge of aspects such as: how to prepare financial plans for economic initiatives, including for the third sector, links with the economic and financial system, the culture of public assets, and development policies for transformations of the local area.

Our ability to analyse in depth the regulatory and jurisprudential variables and accurately interpret the complex dynamics of changing territories, together with our ability to guide our clients through the evolutions of the decision-making processes of all the operators involved in the proceedings, represent the firm’s fortes. These services are amongst the most commonly requested and highly valued by our clients, whom we assist with passion and dedication, working closely with them to build a tailor-made strategy that will make their ideas and initiatives a reality as effectively as possible.

The quality of our work, our knowledge of the various sectors we practise in, and our ability to adapt the operating methods of a traditional law firm to an increasingly dynamic, multidisciplinary and international landscape have earnt us recognition for our outstanding services on the Italian public law scene.

The businesses, professionals, public bodies and individuals who come to us for advice and assistance in the main areas of administrative law enjoy the peace of mind of relying on our highly qualified technical expertise, as well as our extensive experience and knowledge of managing public assets and institutions.

Our strengths:

expertise, experience, passion, dedication.

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